What is the Moderation Project?

Moderation is often appealed to as a counterweight to extremism, radicalism and fanaticism. But what does being moderate and doing moderation actually entail? Moderation in politics is often equated with centrism, compromise and the Third Way. But what does a politics of moderation actually look like? Critics of moderation, in politics and in everyday life, associate it with conservatism and a tacit acceptance of the status quo. Are they justified?

The Moderation Project sets out to explore these questions, and others, on the basis that moderation is an concept in need of recasting for the twenty-first century. It aims to place academic research on moderation in dialogue with contemporary discussions about moderation, in politics but also, for instance, in the governance of technology, climate and lifestyle.

Who is the Moderation Project?

The Moderation Project is founded and operated by Dr Nicholas Mithen, based at Newcastle University in the UK. It was established in 2021 as part of a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, funded by the European Commission. More details here.